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Language/ :

Video File Format/ : SWF

Requirements/ :
Media Player Classic (K-lite Pack) Video Player with SWF support (FREE) or similar;
Virtual Basic 2010 (FREE - course includes video on how to download and install it);
Adobe Reader (FREE)


In front of you is a unique course on Introduction to Game Design, it focuses on introducing complete beginners to programming for games. The course is based on Westminster University Of London program at Science and Technology faculty, one of the England´s leading faculties in computer technologies. Professor will ease you into the process with intuitive videos, explain where to get all necessary software, how to install and set it up. The course will begin with creation of simple programs like calculator, converter, timer and more. You will be required to complete a program after each video with the help of documentation provided in PDF files. After you are comfortable with the coding in Virtual Basic, the course will focus on your two final projects - Pong and a shooter game in style of Space Invaders. In your final project you will have freedom and, most importantly, knowledge to design enemies, Bosses, animations, user interface, controls and game rules. In final projects tutor will only guide you through text instructions with basic guidelines on how to develop the game. Its an ideal introduction that will make you feel like a king if you put enough effort into it. Exclusive - you wont find it anywhere, but here!


. . , . , , . Virtual Basic, , , , . , , . PDF . , Pong - Space Invaders - , , , , , . PDF . . , - !

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